Conference Management Software

FlexiMeets Conference Management Software is a premium system that simplifies the management process of a conference. It contains flexible, robust and well designed workflows that allow the organizer to complete all the necessary steps required to run a conference smoothly and easily. The smart semi-automated solutions offered by the software simplify the whole process and minimize time and manual effort.


FlexiMeets is modular and allows conference organizers to arrange and re-arrange participants, programme, sessions or even build a conference website customised to their needs.

Easy to use

FlexiMeets contains well designed workflows that allow the conference managers to complete easily and fast all the necessary steps to organize their events.


FlexiMeets includes a number of smart routines that execute batch actions automatically or semi-automatically enabling conference organizers to complete tasks effortlessly.

User friendly

FlexiMeets utilizes wizard like navigation and helpful navigation hints & tips making the conference organizing procedure a breeze.


We have handled some of the biggest and most demanding international conferences.


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